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"GI Bill" type plan to pay for college

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This site is just an Excel file I used to figure out how much to pay my kids to sign up for college. I also gave them a monthly paycheck based on how many classes they took. At the end they got a bonus based on grades and other things. You are welcome to download it if you want to adapt it to your needs.

I’ll show you the plan we are on now, which is working fairly well. (I had a little trouble with the kids registering for lots of classes, getting the bucks, then dropping some of them.) Also there is the “GPA based” plan, which I think we’ll go to next semester. It is a little simpler, and is based mostly on succeeding each semester.


Good luck with your kids. I have to say that I have enjoyed spending money on my kids’ college – far more than any other spending in the last decade.

On to the plan I used in Spring 04

On to the most recent plan - Fall 04 (GPA plan)

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Click to open this file in Excel in a new window. This will be easiest to print.