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My most popular sites are the ones about using fluoride for your kid’s teeth. The main difference is that I recommend fluoride the whole time teeth are forming. The dental lobby wants you to wait, skipping all of pregnancy and the first 6 months after birth. The other differences are that I tend to keep doses a little lower, and far more even. Like during infancy I suggest dosing by body weight. Good luck and let me know what you think.


Links are underlined.

Infant fluoride
How to get the dose of fluoride just right for your newborn. (Includes info on the OptiDose dropper.) Baby fluoride is important - many get too much or too little.


Prenatal fluoride
A few pictures from the Drs. Glenn about prenatal fluoride.


Early pregnancy fluoride
Using fluoride to give your child straighter teeth. Also charts on comparing doses, and a list of 14 other nutrients that may be key for early pregnancy (like folic acid).


Fluoride online
BabyCenter.com. I check in once a week or so and answer questions. You can also post comments, say I’m full of it, etc. (Oops - 2011 they took this page down. *SIGH*)


(The questions and answers are at the bottom of the page click even if it looks like there is no answer.)

In the “old days” BabyCenter was a free-flowing posting spot. “Readers’ comments” tended to be clogged up with the anti comments, but were interesting. I did save a few of my old responses:


The next most popular sites are about some minor businesses that are a combination of work and fun.

Prophy Research Corporation owns the patent rights to the OptiDose dropper. (This site is a first draft and little dated. The pat ap link doesn’t work – email me if you can’t wait until I update it.)


Our “annual” reports are now online (well, some):


Mountain House rentals
This is about a little rental business in Honolulu (Waiomao Valley). There is almost never a vacancy, but there are some pictures about hikes, surfing, fruit trees, etc.


The swamp

The "swamp" (aka Kipuka Wai, Inc.) is some property a bunch of us are “developing” in Haleiwa. After the goofy pix and vision there is a fairly useful set of corporation bylaws. 


The newest swamp photos (and report soon)  


Sites about pure fun and games – foods you’ve never tried, etc.

H&G Hawaii
Hunting and gathering in Hawaii was written for people coming to visit for an Ultimate tournament. It is mostly things you can do with just a rental car, a little inside knowledge, and a day to goof off. 


How to “hard-bake” plantains. Blast them in an oven til they are black, oozing, and split wide open. Delicious and easy.


Ginkgo Nuts

How to find female ginkgo trees, get the seeds, and “dry-fry” them. Tasty November fun.



How to grow, cook, and eat taro - the world's funnest, tastiest, and easiest plant. (This site replaces the old classic by Ted.)


Surf reef

How to design a surfing reef (assuming you had a bazillion dollars, of course).




Camping and swimming in the Ozarks.



Mostly about how to harvest bananas in a way to reduce the amount of future suckers. Also how to kill plants infected with BBTV.  Also how to do a "bamboo imu", and a few taro things like how make poi pounders (click on "Ray", top left, to get to these other pages) .



How to pick and cook ulu.